About the Video Editor position at Replayed

We are looking for passionate creatives looking to learn and be part of a remote team.

If you have always been interested in behind the scenes and the mechanics of creating content for YouTube, then this is for you! We are a team of about 20 remote staff, all multi-talented, ranging from editors, designers, and programmers! We are also developing new ways to create video content with tech, join us to be part of the new generation of media pioneers!

Please only apply if you are passionate about YouTube, new media, fully understand YouTube culture and it's editing styles. Please attach your work in the cover letter. We often hire based on demonstrated potential.

Key info 🔑

  • We aim for a fast turnaround and clients usually send us videos in batches
  • Relaxed communications with clients and the team on Discord!
  • You will join a team of editors for a single client and will either be a lead editor or a junior/senior to pick up any deligations
  • Run time of a final cut is minimum 10 mins and reaching 20 minutes, with pre-cut ranging from 20-45+ minutes
  • Edits are not inherently complex but require A DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF YOUTUBE CULTURE AND IT'S EDITING STYLES, ensuring viewer retention is high by being creative!
  • You will edit a lot of content aimed at a younger/teen demographic, some for more mature audiences

Video Editor responsibilities are:

  • Produce YouTube content quickly (typical rushes are max 30 mins total)
  • Ensure a timely delivery for deadlines
  • Communicate with other team members and delegate if required

Video Editor requirements are:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Good knowledge of the Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects)
  • An ability to work and adapt around tight deadlines
  • Strong awareness of social media, youth/youtube culture, and emerging platforms
  • Bonus: good at motion graphics and music (please attach work)


  • Assets libraries
  • If you are promoted to full time, you will receive dental, health care, and mental well-being insurance cover
  • Milestone bonuses (varies by client)
  • Working online
  • Flexible hours
  • Progress fast in a young company
  • Joining a team of editors whilst also working independently
  • Subscription services
  • Have your work seen by a potential of half a billion monthly viewers!

Some of our work:

Our content production amasses half a billion monthly views!

Read our mission for more insight.

We take pride in keeping millions of viewers every month entertained with varied content that they enjoy!

See some of the content we work on here: https://replayed.co/posts/crea...

Smart Casual Style Edits: https://replayed.co/posts/smar...

Opportunities and prospects

We occasionally work on commercial projects such as shoots in LA. More opportunities for travel will be on the horizon.

Our clients have been seen as being a meme, cameo appearance on the Simpsons and appearing as the undercard on the KSI vs Logan Boxing fight.

An audition edit can be arranged. All clients produce regular - weekly/daily content, most produce 30 videos or more a month. Hours are flexible and happy to work around your schedule.

Compensation 💰

Flat rates per video equating to around £11-£18 an hour. Freelance position with regular work and bonuses.