About the company

A YouTube/New media-focused creator company. With a core service of providing influencers with video editing on demand. If you love memes, YouTube, and new media this is the place for you

About the Data Scientist position

We are looking for a Machine/Deep Learning Engineering Intern who will help us to build products leveraging around Computer vision and the creator economy. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are required.

Responsibilities/Roles are:

  • Work on machine learning and deep learning algorithms (especially fine-tuning computer vision algorithms )

  • Perform preprocessing of structured and unstructured data

  • Modify and combine different models through ensemble modelling

  • Read and implement research paper

Data Scientist requirements are:

  • Knowledgeable in the concepts of deep learning and machine learning.

  • Experienced with Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch and Tensorboard ( any DL framework )

  • Completed computer vision projects

  • Should know how to train deep learning models and iterate

  • Strong communication and presentation skills

  • Good problem-solving abilities


Yearly: 180000 - 200000 Indian Rupees Paid in USD